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My Favorite Winter Soup! (Soon to be Yours)

My Favorite Winter Soup! (Soon to be Yours)

There's nothing better in this weather (well, maybe a few things) than settling down in front a bowl of your favorite soup.

Here's a soup recipe I recently discovered from Brian Lagerstrom. It's super easy to make and tastes amazing. I adjusted a few things to suit our tastes.

This variation on the classic Chicken Tortilla Soup has become our new favorite. It's hearty, healthy, and warms you right down to your toes on these winter days.

I made a few changes to Brian's great recipe. Being from Argentina, some of us don't handle a lot of spice. I swapped out the Poblano for bell peppers, reduced the Chili powder, increased the Paprika, and finally added cream at the end. The results are amazing.

It's super easy to make, the prep time is minimal. Simple ingredients. All the better to get to eating the soup faster!!

Make sure and try this fantastic soup. Sit down relax and decompress a bit while having a great meal. It'll be soon be one of your favorites too.

Here's a link to Brian's original recipe, it's really worth checking out.


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