We are a small Latina run business. We design and make contemporary jewelry. Victoria is an argentine-born, NYC based designer. Her Argentinean roots influence all aspects of the business; from her simple and classic style with a subtle edge to her sense of community. We think of jewelry as part of who you are, your daily life. Our jewelry adds that extra sparkle to help YOU shine. All of our jewelry is made by hand paying attention to every detail. The human aspect of the handmade process shows in every piece is unique, just like everyone is absolutely unique!


We value community, family, and personal connection. As small business owners, we take pride in working with local vendors and suppliers. We believe in supporting local businesses and economies, local artisans and crafters. We source materials and choose suppliers locally to support our community of jewelry professionals. We have a personal connection to our pieces as we hand make everything. Before it reaches our customer, every piece has passed through Victoria’s hands. 
We consider our customers as part of our Victoria Bekerman family. That’s why we absolute love to see you enjoying your Victoria Bekerman jewelry. Share your love by tagging us @victoriabekerman on Instagram and using #vblove


Our jewelry has a timeless, effortless feel. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to struggle to wear a piece. It should be more like a best friend kind of relationship. It’s easy, effortless and will accompany you everywhere :))Jewelry that shines and help you shine even more!
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