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Celebrating our 10 years anniversary since we launched VBS, here 10 things you (most likely) didn’t know about me:


1. I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade. Then, I switched to contacts. And now contacts and glasses! 

2. I first started in 2005 as a Street Vendor in Soho where I met a lot of incredible artists and designers. Check them out! Sarella Suarez @sarellaartjewelry, Cecilia Lopez Bravo @cecilia_lopezbravo, Sole DiPaola @delasolhome, Parisa Karami parisakaramishop, and Enrique Muthuan @dirtyhandsjewelry. I think back and I can only think of good times!.

3. One of our first wholesale accounts was the MOMA Museum in San Francisco. The buyer saw our line at a Renegade Craft Fair in SF @renegadecraft and picked it! I was over the moon!!

4. My nickname growing up was PUPI and my daughter thinks it’s silly. My family and close friends still call me PUPI.

5. As a kid I loved knitting. I made my first sweater when I was 10.

6. I have a positive/happy personality but I love depressing movies, series and documentaries.

7. I study International Affairs is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

8. I love parmesan cheese. I could add parmesan cheese to pretty much anything.

9. I did gymnastics from 10-16 years old; I loved it but I wasn’t really good though. Haha.

10. As a kid my dream job was to work at an Ice Cream Parlor and that was my first job when I first came to NY. If you are in NYC you should visit CONES (272 Bleecker Street, NYC) they make the best DULCE DE LECHE ice cream in the whole city!

Check out the pieces below. I'm wearing the MilaOntas, and Varen


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